If you have read any of the posts on my site, there is a good chance that you have seen my affiliate disclosure, saying that the post contains affiliate links. But what are they?

An affiliate link is a personalised link given to me by a company that I have partnered with, that when clicked places a cookie on your browser to let my partners know that you have gone to their website from my website. All this cookie does is track the referring domain, in this case ecommerce-gold.com and lets my partners know whether or not you have purchased their product or service. You can check out more about this in my Privacy Policy.

If you do purchase a product or service, then I get a referral commission as almost a thank you from the company for providing them a new customer. This comes at no additional cost to you and on some occasions, there may even be discounts applied for using my links.

These commissions are extremely helpful to me as it allows me to keep the website up and running and also compensates me for the time spent reviewing, comparing, writing the posts and creating the videos.

BUT and this is a big BUT, it does not matter whether or not I am an affiliate partner, I will always give an honest review of the platform and will just as easily point out the bad as well as the good! And you will see this on every single review I post, I am not afraid to say what the imperfections are.