So I get a lot of emails with offers of sponsorships, affiliate partnerships and people want to write guest posts, so I thought I would create a simple layout of some of the options for working with the me, to hopefully save both you and me some time.


I currently don’t offer sponsorships for blog posts or YouTube videos as I want to remain as impartial and unbiased as possible.

If I was to consider a sponsored video etc, it would only be from a company who I have an existing relationship with and am happy to promote them as I feel they offer a good product or service.

Affiliate Partnerships

I only promote products or services that I have personally tried, tested and think are good, so if you would like to potentially become an affiliate partner in the future, the best thing to do is to let me test out your product or service.

But, just be warned that by letting me try your product or service in no way guarantees that if I decide to do a review that it will be good. I am always 100% honest when reviewing a product (just check out any of my reviews).

However, if I do like the product or service, I will be happy to move the conversation forward towards becoming an affiliate partner.

Guest Posts

I don’t accept guest posts on, this is my personal website and only I post content on here.